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About Ronisch Pianos


CARL RÖNISCH, who in 1845 owned a small workshop in Dresden, became one of the foremost pioneers of piano-building in his time. In 1866 he had the epochal idea of using a full cast-iron plate in the piano, employing five struts and completely covering the wrest-plank, allowing for the first time a high tension scale. This is considered the beginning of the use of full cast-metal plates – today’s standard in the industry.


RÖNISCH instruments won gold medals at the world exhibitions in Sydney, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Chicago and Paris. CARL RÖNISCH was appointed Royal Purveyor to the Courts of Saxony, Spain Sweden-Norway, Austro-Hungary, and to the Tsar of Russia, thus laying the foundation of his world-famous name. Today RÖNISCH continues to offer outstanding quality uprights and grands in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes including rare and unusual woods. All structural components of RÖNISCH pianos are of highest quality German manufacture crafted to stringent RÖNISCH specifications. The excellence of RÖNISCH pianos has been well established since 1845 – long before most other piano brands came into existence – assuring today’s owners of security, confidence and pride of ownership rooted in an unusually rich cultural and musical heritage.

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Clement Pianos

Clement House, 221 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. NG7 2BY

TEL 0115 9701106


Openign Hours

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.  Evenings and Sundays by appointment.