Bluthner Model 1 Grand Piano

Bluthner Model 1 Grand Piano

Full concert grand. One of the finest instruments ever to be made. Full rich tone with all the subtleties any pianist could demand. The ultimate piano for any concert hall.

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(RRP from: £143,000)

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Dimensions (cm): W: 160cm, L: 280cm (9'2")

Model: Model 1 | CP128

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 The large concert grand is noted as "the king" among the Blüthner grand pianos. It is one of the widely celebrated instruments used on the concert stage.

Often idolized by the best, it is known as the "romantic" among grand pianos because of its effortless ability to match the orchestra's power as well as intimate moments in a performance. With its round warm tonal character which features sparkling treble tones and powerful bass, it is capable of thunderous persuasiveness or the most tender pianissimo.

Any colour / wood finish available.  Please call us with your requirements!