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Bluthner Model 2 Grand Piano

Bluthner Model 2 Grand Piano

This semi concert grand ensures the pianist has complete control. Careful execution of design with few compromises, create a piano full of sweet authority and rich inner voice clarity.

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OUR PRICE: £Call  (RRP from: £91700)

Dimensions (cm): W: 162cm, L: 230cm (7'8")

Model: Model 2 | CP127

Tel:+44 (0)115 9701106
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 For smaller concert halls the Model 2 excels, as its rich dynamic spectrum offers everything needed to play professionally. Its 230cm (7'6") size maintains the authority of the full concert grand but has an intimacy in tonal quality like no other.

It is popular among choirs as an accompanying instrument, and a pianists dream for his or her personal piano.

Any colour / wood finish available.  Please call us with your requirements!




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