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Cramer 175

Cramer 175

British made grand piano by Cramer.

OUR PRICE: £2495 

Dimensions (cm): W: 151cm, L: 175cm

Model: 175 | CP440

Tel:+44 (0)115 9701106
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This British made grand piano was overhauled approximately 20 years ago.  It was restrung, fitted with new damper felts and the action was overhauled but retains the original hammer heads.  The case work is in reasonable condition with some slight fading and has a repair to the main section of lid (See photos).  It is a good sounding piano and performs to a good level.  Finished in light mahogany satin.

Circa 1920


Length: 175cm  Width: 151cm.

 £2,495.00 plus delivery


 Includes five years guarantee

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