General Piano Accessories

General Piano Accessories

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Katz Klip book holders.

Clip on book holders for pianos.  Helps to keep sheet music and music books open.

Katz Klip book holders 1

Katz Klip 2

Piano fall lock

General Piano AccessoriesIdeal for public areas or to keep small fingers off the pianos.

Safety castors

General Piano AccessoriesPerfect for schools, churches etc. Move your upright piano safely.

Piano covers

Each cover is bespoke made to fit individual instruments. A variety of materials and colours are available. Please contact us with your requirements.

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

Ideal for helping to control levels of humidity. A piano can be severely damaged by variations in humidity and these devices help to maintain a more constant level within the instrument. This aids tuning stability,  protecting the action and overall construction of the piano.


General Piano AccessoriesThese simple and inexpensive dials keep you informed of the humidity level.

Damp Chaser

One of the most important things you can do keep your piano in top condition and help stabalize tuning is by fitting a damp chaser (if required).  Used in combination with a hygrometer you can help to keep the humidity levels inside your piano much more stable and thereby helping maintain the tuning.  Damp chasers are inexpensive to have fitted and just require a plug socket to be within a couple of meters of your piano.  Upright damp chasers run at just 20 watts of power making them cost effective to run and are fitted inside the piano so do not effect the look of the piano.  Please contact us for further details and prices.


Underfloor heating protecting matt


Many modern houses are now using underfloor heating in preference to traditional, radiator central heating systems.  Unfortunately, underfloor heating is not goo for pianos.  They can make the piano tuning unstable and in the long term cause damage to the soundboard and structure of the piano.  We now offer a solution to this problem with our 'Underfloor Heating Protection Matt'. They are made from several layers including a heat reflective layer to prevent the heat rising up underneath the piano.  For upright piano they are available to 2 sizes, one for smaller modern style pianos and the larger one for traditional style pianos.  They come it 2 different colours, black or beige.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a current price.

Black CarpetBeige CarpetCarpet structure


Practise rail kit

If you have an older piano, it will only have two pedals.  If you would like the advantage of having a practise rail fitted to your existing piano we now offer a new system which can be fitted to most upright pianos and works on a small lever that fits underneath the keybed.  Do some quiet practise with the pracise rail kit. Price from £170 including fitting. Contact us for full details.


If you require a piano accessory that's not mentioned in the above, please contact us and we'll find what you require if we don't stock it already.