Open by Appointment!

Open by Appointment!

Since we re-opened our showrooms in April we have been open to our customers by appointment only. 

This has proved such a success that we will be continuing with the appointment system indefinitely. 

By offer an appointment system, it means there is only one customer / family in the showrooms at a time, allowing them to hear the pianos clearly and without the embarrassment of having other pianists listening, which can be a problem for younger or less confident pianists. 

We allow up to two hours per appointment so you have plenty of time to try the pianos you are interested in and discuss your requirements with either Andy or Mick Wilson who are always on hand to give as much (or little) advice as you require.

After each appointment, any piano that has been played is sanitized to keep everyone safe before the next customers arrive. 

We hope you find the appointment system preferable and look forward to welcoming you into our showrooms soon. 

To make an appointment just call 0115 9701106 Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.