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Piano Rental

Piano Rental

Don't want to spend too much? Try our rental scheme on a brand new piano!

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OUR PRICE: £From £470 

Dimensions (cm): W: , D:

Model: Rental | CP510

Tel:+44 (0)115 9701106
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If you're not wanting to spend too much on a piano for the children (or yourself), then try our piano rental scheme.  You can rent a brand new upright piano for just £50 per month and give them the best opportunity to learn to play on a good quality piano without breaking the bank.  


Example of six months rental:

Initial payment from £170 plus six months rental paid in advance £300.  Total of £470

After six months you have three options:

1:  Rent the piano for a further six months for just £300

2:  Purchase the piano and receive the intial payment and five months rental off the purchase price. (£170 + £250 = £420)

3:  Return the piano


Why buy a poor quality second hand piano when you can rent a brand new one?

Full terms and conditions available in store.

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