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Piano Technology Centre

Piano Technology Centre

Today, everyone is looking to use technology in all areas of their lives. So what about pianos? They've been around for hundreds of years and have not really changed very much in that time, so how can you incorporate technology into something so traditional. The answer is: 'In lots of ways'.

Tel:+44 (0)115 9701106
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Player Pianos

Remeber the old pianola, the piano that played itself? Well there is a 21st centry version! A normal acoustic upright or grand piano full of digital technology. Not only does it play piano music, some songs even have full backing tracks and vocals. Best of all, you can control the whole system from your iphone or ipad. Call into our showrooms for a full demonstration and be prepared to be amazed!

Silent Pianos

Would you love to play the piano but can't because of waking the children or disturbing the neighbours? We have the answer. The Silent Piano! A normal acoustic piano by day when the children are awake or the neighbours are out then at night, engage the pedal and you now have a silent piano. Pop on the headphones and play for hours without disturbing anyone! These hybrid pianos are like having an acoustic piano and digital piano all in one. Sounds too good to be true? Call into our showrooms for a full demonstration. 


As well as the above there are now apps for your devices to help encourage pianists to practise and get more from their piano. Want to find out more? Call into our showrooms for a full demostaration.