Piano Tuning Service

Piano Tuning Service

Our Piano tuning service covers the Nottinghamshire area. Our tuners are all highly skilled with many years of experience. We undertake private tunings, concert tunings, educational tunings, churches, clubs etc.

Tel:+44 (0)115 9701106
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Whether you have one piano or are a university / college with more than twenty pianos, we can offer a tuning contract service to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information and current tuning rates.

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How Often Should My Piano Be Tuned?

Pianos should be tuned at least twice per year.  With New Pianos and our Pre-Owned pianos, this is a one of the terms of the guarantee.  Regular tuning ensures the pitch of the piano remains correct and also to check for any mionor adjustaments that may be required to the action and keys as it 'beds in'.  In the U.K most pianos need tuning every six months. This is nothing to do with the amount of playing the piano has (unless you're a concert pianist practising eight hours a day), but rather the humidty level in the room in which the piano is kept.  As the humidity rises in the summer months, the soundborad swells, causing the piano to go sharp in pitch.  In the winter when the heating is on in the room,the humidity will drop causing the soundboard to shrink making the tuning go flat.  It is this fluctuation that has the biggest effect on the tuning and why pianos need to be tuned at least twice per year.

If you are unsure about the position of your piano, our tuners will be able to advise you how best to stabilize the humidity within the room.  In some instances it may be necessary to install a damp chaser into a piano if the humidity levels are too high, or, if the humidity is too low we can suggest ways to raise it to an acceptable level.  You can check the humidity level by purchasing a hygrometer and placing it on or near the piano.  The ideal humidity level is 50 - 60% with as little fluctuation as possible.  The highest limit is 70% and the lowest is 40%.  Once you have your hygrometer, check the reading over a couple of weeks, preferably several times a day and note down the readings. This will make it easier for our technician to see what is happening and give the best advice on any course of action that may be required.

Our current standard piano tuning rate is £70.00

Pitch raise: £95 - £130

For regulation work we would need to assess the piano to see what needs to be done as there are many factors that have to be looked at to determine the level of work required.  Please call us to make an assessment appointment.