Knowing the value of your piano is very important. Many instruments in the UK are under insured. Each piano is individual, therefore there is no 'book' price for a piano. As piano specialists Clement Pianos Ltd. can inspect your piano and give an accurate value depending upon your requirements.

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Many home insurance policies now offer 'new for old' replacements. Unfortunately it is not always possible to replace a piano with an identical model. Clement Pianos can offer values on the closest new equivalent instrument to ensure that should the worst happen, your replacement piano will be of equal quality to your existing one.

As piano retailers in both new and secondhand pianos, we will ensure if you are wishing to sell / buy a piano privately, that you are not underselling or over paying for your chosen instrument.  As part of a valuation for purchasing a piano we will also provide you with a written report regarding the condition of the piano and what, if any work will be required, possibly saving many hundreds of pounds

In order to cover the cost of travelling and providing written valuations we do make a charge for this service. Please call us for a quote.