Digital Piano Centre

Digital Piano Centre

Clement Pianos have expanded their range of digital pianos giving our customer the very best choice from the best manufacturers.

With lots of new models coming out from Yamaha, Kawai and Casio, Clement Pianos have

extended their range of digital pianos to include the top of the range models from all three

manufacturers.  If you're looking for a good quality instrument, you can now try pianos like the

Kawai CS11, alongside the Yamaha CLP685 and the Casio GP-500. There is also the

new CA78 from Kawai with its superb sounds and new touchscreen controls,

the Yamaha CSP170 with an amazing range of sounds and rhythms all controlled from your tablet!  

So, if you want a really good selection of digital pianos from the world leading manufacturers

then come to our showrooms and try them all. 

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.